Restaurant Joanina

Date night!
My husband and I are on our way to to a surprise Italian restaurant of his choice. We arrive at our destination and parking is very limited so my husband dropped me off.
 I walked into the restaurant and I could hardly find the hostess stand because of the large crowd of people waiting for a table. It was a Saturday night and I over heard the host tell a gentleman the wait was one hour and to my surprise the man had no problem waiting that long! I knew then this place must be something special.

Thinking ahead is a plus

Thankfully my wonderful husband made reservations which I highly recommend. It was my turn to speak to the host and told him we had reservations and I was waiting for my husband to park. He pleasantly assured me when we were ready our table was waiting for us. My husband met me inside from parking the car. It took less than ten minutes. He only had to park less than a block away.

Truly authentic Italian food

Our server treated us like we were the most important people in the room. He told us of the nightly specials and gladly helped us choose our meal and wine. The food was incredible! The artichokes were the best I’ve ever had in my life! My husband truly enjoyed his stuffed chicken as well! The names of what we ordered was Pollo Valdostano and Fusilli con Carciofi e Gamberi.


Some of the best service I’ve ever received!
When we were finished eating our authentic Italian cuisine the waiter told us to take our time and not to rush. Even though it was a busy Saturday night! These people really know how to make each guest feel like a celebrity! When we were brought the check I was given a fresh red rose. I truly felt special and that my business meant all the world to them! We will definitely be returning!
If you want to check out this place here is a link to their website!


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