Aunt Jake’s

Walking the streets of Little Italy 

Every restaurant had someone outside practically begging you to come inside and eat. Some even bribe to give you a free drink with your meal. I am not one for haggling, but with this being my first time in Little Italy I figured that’s just the way it was here. Aunt Jake’s was the only place not yelling for people to come eat at their establishment.

First impressions
When my husband and I first walked into Aunt Jake’s we were greeted with freshly made pasta resting on the counters. Someone was there promptly to help us and they seated us before our whole party had arrived. The decor was a modern rustic look and felt very open and fresh. The ceiling where we ate was even made of windows!

Just the beginning

The rest of the party arrived shortly after we were seated and we ordered a bottle of Moscato D’ asti for the table. It was not too sweet and had just enough bubbles to tickle our tongues. We ordered the meatballs and calamari for the table however only the person who ordered the calamari actually liked calamari, she said it was so good she had no problem eating all by herself. The meatballs were made of 100% beef not mixed with pork which made my taste buds happy because I am not a fan of swine.

The main course

Most of the table ordered the roasted garlic pecorino sauce which is what our server recommended and it literally made me drool! I can not even put into words how scrumptious the sauce is. I had mine with Farfalle pasta which was cooked to perfection! Writing this now makes me want to go back!


Leaving the restaurant 

As we were walking out of Aunt Jake’s there was someone hand making pasta and it proved what I already knew to be true. This place is truly authentic and has the freshest ingredients I have ever tasted while dining out!

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